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We have partnered with Missler Software, an industry leader in CAD-CAM integration, and use TopSolid for our manufacturing needs. As an innovator, Missler Software built TopSolid upon the foundation of manufacturing. The result is the most intelligent CAD-CAM system in the world.

CAM that thinks like a machinist.

Eliminating the need to create sketches or curves, TopSolid CAM’s unique solids-based recognition automatically detects features, and intelligently generates tool paths that take into account the finished part as well as the stock condition (including partially machined stock from previous machining operations). TopSolid automatically trims tool paths and optimizes rapid planes to minimize cycle times, all while easily giving our programmers the control needed to machine precisely the way we want.

Make a part. From the office.

With TopSolid’s full machine simulation, our programmers can see exactly how the machine will behave, and even watch material being removed in real time. NC machine code is also processed and displayed in real time, giving the programmer an added level of confidence before the code is ever sent to the machine.